People Analytics & Group Reports

We provide statistical analysis and data visualizations to help you understand the shared and complementary strengths as well as common strengths overused and skill gaps in a program cohort, team, department, or organization.

Standard LVI Group Report

  • Aggregates scores for all group members across the key measures on the LVI (effectiveness indicators, versatility scores, and behavior scales)
  • Includes a summary table plus a PowerPoint presentation to show group trends

Expanded LVI Team or Group Behavior Report

  • The Standard Group Report, plus
  • A comparison of results for rater groups
  • A custom interpretation of themes
  • Designed to facilitate improved rules of engagement among team members and operating principles for working with the larger organization
  • Delivered as an engaging PowerPoint presentation

Leadership Culture Analysis

We work with you to define the most pressing questions about leadership that your organization faces, develop answers based on statistical analysis, and present them in a summary report and easy-to-understand visualizations

  • Identify patterns and themes in your population of leaders, including dominant leadership styles as well as common strengths overused and skill gaps
  • Pinpoint the behaviors that drive employee engagement, productivity, and effectiveness
  • Compare similarities and differences across organizational levels, business units, departments, and regions

Gender Audits

We study a carefully matched sample of women and men leaders in your organization to understand why female talent may not be advancing to senior roles

  • Identify the extent of gender bias versus real differences in leadership behavior
  • Using the data as a starting point, we work with you to assess your talent management systems and practices
  • Shows how to strengthen your organization’s ability to advance capable women

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