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No travel. Entirely virtual. 5 bite-sized steps.


about 1 hour

Introduction to the unique view of assessment and development behind the LVI

Prepare for certification by reading our foundational articles in Harvard Business Review.


15 minutes

Self-only LVI assessment

Experience the LVI as your clients and raters will by completing the survey and receiving a brief summary report.


4 hours

Orientation Webinar with Rob Kaiser, author of the LVI

In this online-learning session, we will explain the big ideas and unique features that make the LVI a truly distinct and patented 360 tool. In a page-by-page tour of the feedback report we will teach you how to interpret LVI results. You will practice interpreting the report in an interactive case study.


about 3 hours prep + 2 hour 1:1 web session


Work 1:1 with a Master Facilitator to prepare for your first LVI feedback delivery to a client. You will be provided with prework to guide you through identifying key themes and patterns in the feedback report. Your Master Facilitator will also analyze your client’s LVI report and review your prework in anticipation of the practicum session. In that session you will:

  • receive feedback on your prep work and ensure you understand the technical aspects of report interpretation
  • role play how to explain the feedback and adapt it to your coaching style
  • collaborate with your Facilitator to create your plan for the feedback session

After completing this step, you will be ready, confident, and excited to debrief the LVI feedback with a leader on your own.


about 15 minutes

Review your first LVI feedback delivery

After completing your first LVI feedback session, you will check in with your Master Facilitator to debrief how it went, get answers to any outstanding questions, and receive further guidance and resources to support your use of the LVI.


The LVI may not be suitable for entry-level professionals with no experience in providing feedback. Candidates for certification must have:

  • Education, training, and/or experience in the behavioral sciences and adult learning
  • Exposure to 360-degree feedback interpretation and leadership development


One-time fee of $1,800 per person. No annual license fee!

Please note that your first LVI, to be used for the Practicum (Step 4), will be billed separately.

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