Leadership Versatility Index

360 feedback, re-imagined for today's world of crisis and disruption.

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“This is the most useful tool and exercise I have experienced.”

- Bill Hobbib
SVP of Marketing, DataRobot

Too Little /
Too Much
Rating Scale

Chart a clear path to better performance

Leaders are not just derailed by their weaknesses. Sometimes, it’s their “strengths that become a weakness” through overuse. The Too Little / Too Much scale lets leaders know when they’ve crossed that line.

It also tells leaders what they’re doing right – and what they could emphasize more to have an even greater impact.

U.S. Patent No. 7,121,830

“The too little / too much rating scale is a clever use of Aristotle’s Golden Mean to focus feedback on striking a better balance.”

- Robert Hogan
Founder and President, Hogan Assessment Systems

A Simple Model Of The Complexities Of Leadership

Master the competing demands

The LVI assesses the opposing but complementary behaviors required for effective leadership. The model resonates with leaders because they recognize the tensions and tradeoffs that make their job a balancing act.

“Provides a behavioral roadmap that shows what you need to do more – and less – to become more versatile.”

- Chris King,
VP Talent Management, The Walt Disney Company


Become a more complete leader

Leaders are not simply born – they are made. They have to learn the different leadership lessons in order to become a well-rounded leader.

Regardless of where they are now, the LVI is designed to help leaders build the broader perspective and wider repertoire it takes to lead with greater versatility.

A Clear Picture Of Where The Leader Stands

“Volatility and uncertainty are the new normal, requiring leaders to constantly adjust as the ground shifts around them.”

- Michael Chavez,
CEO, Duke Corporate Education

How It Works

A brief explanation of the LVI’s key elements, in words and video

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