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Rob Kaiser


I have devoted my career to assessing, selecting, and developing leaders who build better cultures and get better results. Starting at the Center for Creative Leadership, I participated in ground-breaking research that led to the understanding of versatility as a key – and overlooked – ingredient in effective leadership. As a partner in the executive development firm, Kaplan DeVries Inc., we pioneered innovative leadership assessment and deep-dive, inside-out coaching and development for C-suite executives. As founder of Kaiser Leadership Solutions, I created a suite of cool tools – the patented Leadership Versatility Index, Progress Report, and Integrated Personality Summary – to help managers become the versatile leaders their organizations need.

In more than 20 years of practice, I have helped companies around the world find, select, and develop leaders who can respond effectively to continuous change and disruption, improve organizational effectiveness, and increase employee engagement and team performance.

My individual executive coaching process uses innovative assessment tools to provide clear direction from the executive’s stakeholders, track their progress, and make them more effective now while building the capabilities required for larger roles.

In creating leadership development programs, I work with companies to co-design a robust shared development experience. Grounded in your organization’s context and pressing needs, the programs we develop will be delivered by high-level coaches and facilitators who have experience working with executives at levels higher than the participants.

To assist you in finding and hiring the right leaders, I offer a full range of selection services that will inform your decision with accurate, relevant facts and expert analysis. Depending on your needs, I can offer an expert interpretation of a candidate’s Hogan personality profile or perform a robust, comprehensive assessment that digs deep into the candidate’s background, capabilities, and character.

Working with your CEO and CHRO, I can assist in developing a talent strategy that builds and enhances your leadership culture to ensure that your next generation of leaders keeps your organization on top of the competition.

If you prefer to enhance your internal capabilities, I can assist in creating centers of excellence by teaching and transferring strategies, frameworks, and know-how for boosting your organization’s capabilities for coaching and development, identifying high potential talent, and assessing executives for leadership succession.