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Using Personality to Develop Versatile Leaders

Developing Versatile Leaders for Complex Times: A Personality-based Approach

Presented at the 2016 Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Anaheim, CA.

Robert B. Kaiser, Kaiser Leadership Solutions
Tomas Chamorro-PremuzicHogan Assessment Systems

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Organizations face many daunting challenges—chief among them is developing a cadre of versatile leaders that can guide the company through an increasingly complex operating environment.  This hands-on, interactive workshop helped practitioners and organizations understand the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) modern world and its performance demands for leaders and organizations.

The workshop taught participants how to focus leader development initiatives on creating greater capacity for versatile leadership.  It was structured around five main themes:

1) the external context (VUCA) for development and the foundational elements of self-awareness and personality theory that are core to individual development

2) robust methods for assessing personality and versatile leadership

3) a review of empirical results to support the linkages between assessment instruments and key performance indicators

4) case studies to illustrate how to apply theory and assessments

5) driving follow-through with models and tools for making behavior change stick

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