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The Rest of the Story on Strengths-based Development for Leaders

Rob Kaiser was invited to address the St. Louis OD Network at their annual conference. Kaiser joined a point-counterpoint session with Susan Duff of Mercy Hospitals, in which the presenters discussed the pros and cons of the wildly popular “Strengths-based” approach to development made popular by the Gallup Organization and Marcus Buckingham. Kaiser explained the faddish nature of the movement and offered a more balanced prescription for building strong leaders.

Two Points of View
Along with the rise of the Positive Psychology movement, an approach to leadership development that emphasizes strengths has gained popularity. This method encourages leaders to identify their areas of natural talent and focus on building them to their fullest potential. Compared to the traditional focus on fixing weaknesses, the strengths-based approach has great appeal. But does it really work? Join us as we explore this question from two distinct perspectives, equally informed by solid research and experience.
Susan Duff, Merci Hospitals, Strengths-Based Leadership Development
Robert B. Kaiser, Kaiser Leadership Solutions, The Rest You Need to Know about Strengths-based Development

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