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Mastering the Opposing Forces of Leadership (Milan)

The modern business environment is defined by dizzying change and ambiguity. To navigate this complexity, today’s managers must be versatile leaders—leaders who can change course and adapt on the fly. Versatility requires a wide repertoire of skills and a mastery of opposing forces: to be hands-on and drive performance yet empower people and engage them, to set direction with a strategic vision and also manage the tactical details of execution.

This interactive workshop is based on a practical model of the tensions and tradeoffs that make leadership a balancing act. It involves personal learning and self-development based on reflection and peer dialogue. The process will guide you to articulate your basic beliefs and assumptions about leadership, explore your mindset and attitudes, and see in a new light how all of this shows up in how you lead. The result will be a better understanding of where you have struck a good balance in your leadership style as well as some adjustments that could help you achieve a better balance to increase your versatility and effectiveness.

More about the Business Flexibility Workshop in Milan.

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