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Filling the Leadership Pipeline

Filling the Leadership Pipeline

Edited by Robert B. Kaiser

There is an easy case to make for the imperative of investing in tomorrow's leaders today. It's the law of supply and demand: more organizations in greater competition under increased pressure to perform put a premium on scarce talent. The labor economy has become a seller's market, and poaching or luring talent away from other organizations is a losing proposition. The alternative is to become good at developing your talented managers into great leaders and aggressively seeking out potential and developing it anywhere and everywhere you can find it across the organization.

The purpose of this volume is to share what has been learned in the last few years of increased attention to the systematic and strategic cultivation of leadership talent. The time is ripe for leading practitioners to share key lessons about building and filling a leadership pipeline.

Filling the Leadership Pipeline is available here.


"Filling the Leadership Pipeline is an important reference and practical guide to what organizations can do so that leaders making upward transitions don't crash and burn."

—David Creelman, Senior Director, Human Capital Institute 

"Filling the Leadership Pipeline is practical and challenging. We are using it in our succession planning and development work because the models and applications make a lot of sense on the ground." 

—Pam Mayer, Succession and Development Manager, Granite Construction Inc.

"Filling the Leadership Pipeline provides concrete solutions to many of the key challenges in managing leadership talent… very practical, actionable, and relevant to organizations of all sizes." 

—Steven Steckler, Vice President of Executive Development, Marriott International

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