About Us


Rob Kaiser


Today's leaders face a world of unprecedented disruption. I have devoted my career to assessing, selecting, and developing leaders who build better cultures and get better results despite the chaos of constant churn.

Starting at the Center for Creative Leadership, I participated in ground-breaking research that led me to conclude that versatility is the key to leading effectively in a disruptive world.

As a partner in the executive development firm, Kaplan DeVries Inc., we pioneered innovative leadership assessment and deep-dive, inside-out development for C-suite executives before the practice of executive coaching had a name.

As founder of Kaiser Leadership Solutions, I created a suite of cool tools – the patented Leadership Versatility Index, Progress Report, and Integrated Personality Summary – to help managers become the versatile leaders their organizations need.

Built on 25+ years of research into executive effectiveness, the power, elegance, and ability of our suite of assessment tools to capture an executive’s attention and spur their development are proven daily in my work and in the work of thousands of practitioners around the world.

These days, I train coaches, executive educators, and talent professions in the use of our tools, and I use them in my own executive assessment and coaching practice as well as in leadership development programs that we design and deliver for some of the world’s best-known corporations.

And I continue to conduct research, publish articles, write books, and speak about the important issues in leadership with the business press and at events around the world.