The Team

Rob Kaiser


I got my start at the Center for Creative Leadership in the 1990s and then was a partner in the boutique executive development firm, Kaplan DeVries Inc., in the 2000s. Currently I do a bunch of stuff related to leadership that falls into three buckets:

As a management thinker, I conduct research, publish articles, write books, was the editor-in-chief of Consulting Psychology Journal, and do public speaking events around the world.

As a consultant, I coach executives, design and deliver programs, evaluate candidates for leadership roles, and advise CEOs and HR leaders on shaping their leadership cultures by assessing, selecting, developing, analyzing, and managing talent.

As an innovator, I create cool tools to help managers become better leaders, like the patented Leadership Versatility Index, the Integrated Personality Summary of Hogan results, the PulseCheck app, and the Progress Report for measuring change.

Corporate Office

Kaiser Leadership Solutions

1903-G Ashwood Ct.
Greensboro, NC, USA 27455

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