Synthesizes Hogan personality results into a brief, customized, narrative summary.

"There is an almost overwhelming amount of data available in our reports. The IPS does a fabulous job of simplifying those results in a comprehensive, systematic, and procedural way. It is a superb contribution to the assessment process."
Dr. Robert Hogan | President
Hogan Assessment Systems
World-leading authority on
personality in the workplace

The Integrated Personality Summary (IPS) reveals the pattern and explains the meaning of a leader’s profile on the industry-leading suite of assessments from Hogan (HPI, HDS & MVPI).

The IPS captures the whole person—the bright side, dark side, and inside—providing busy managers with self-awareness and practical insights for becoming more effective leaders.

Deep insight. The IPS is based on expert data analysis and interpretation. It reconciles the complexities and seeming contradictions and also makes connections that might get overlooked by a less experienced eye.

Simple process. You confidentially provide a client’s Hogan data, and we return a tight, hand-crafted summary ready for you to interactively debrief with the manager.

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