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  • Dealing with the Dark Side

    Rob’s latest article, Dealing with the Dark Side, is part of a special issue of Talent Quarterly focused on the Dark Side of Personality. Rob’s article is a practical piece with advice for how to manage those character quirks and unfortunate tendencies that so often accompany tremendous talent–in an employee, in your boss, and even […] More

  • The Feedback Women Leaders Aren’t Getting

    Rob’s latest article, co-authored with Wanda Wallace, The Feedback Women Leaders Need–but Aren’t Getting, exposes an important oversight in the development of women executives. The article explains how most 360 feedback tools and exercises miss the mark, leaving women in the dark about one of the reasons they are not promoted into senior leadership. See also […] More

  • A New Narrative for the Gender Agenda

    Rob’s new article, co-authored with Wanda Wallace, Changing the Narrative on Why Women Aren’t Reaching the Top, takes the popular dialogue on women and leadership in a whole new direction. It is part of a special issue of Talent Quarterly devoted to managing female talent, an issue that includes deeper insights and more provocative writing on the […] More

  • The Weakness of Strengths

    Rob’s new article, The Weakness of Strengths, offers a cautionary tale about taking strengths-based development too far in the new issue of Talent Quarterly. It’s the lead-off to a section on Lies, Half-truths, and Marketing, which also includes informative articles on emotional intelligence, engagement, and learning agility.   Learn more about Talent Quarterly, a terrific new source for unfiltered, critical thinking […] More

  • New book; Fear Your Strengths

    Bob Kaplan and Rob Kaiser’s latest book explains to executives how to prevent turning strengths into weaknesses through overuse and become a versatile leader. More

  • Employability: Theory versus Reality

    Bob Hogan, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, and Rob Kaiser review the research literature on career success and compare those findings to what employers actually seek in job candidates. Their conclusions turn conventional wisdom on its head and offer a simple, yet more accurate, model for helping people get and keep a job. More

  • Leadership Culture Wars

    Rob Kaiser, Jennifer McGinnis, and Darren Overfield’s latest article compares the psychological view of leadership as a process of interpersonal influence to the business view of leadership in terms of organizational functions like strategy, structure, and operations. More

  • Personality, Leadership, and Overdoing It

    Rob Kaiser and Joyce Hogan published research showing strong and consistent links between the Hogan Personality Inventory and coworker ratings on the Leadership Versatility Index. The study also demonstrates that extreme personalities help explain how “strengths become weaknesses.” More


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