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  • Employability: Theory versus Reality

    Bob Hogan, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, and Rob Kaiser review the research literature on career success and compare those findings to what employers actually seek in job candidates. Their conclusions turn conventional wisdom on its head and offer a simple, yet more accurate, model for helping people get and keep a job. More

  • What’s Wrong with How Leaders Get Hired?

    Rob Kaiser presented research on the state of play in executive assessment and selection at a recent conference. Among other findings, he showed how the qualities selection committees seek in candidates are often the very same reasons many senior appointments go awry. More

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  • HBR blog: Was Steve Jobs a role model for leaders?

    Rob Kaiser and Darren Overfield join the dialogue about the leadership legacy of Steve Jobs. Jobs’ results were phenomenal, but his interpersonal style left a lot to be desired. So what is the lesson for the rest of us? More

  • Leadership Culture Wars

    Rob Kaiser, Jennifer McGinnis, and Darren Overfield’s latest article compares the psychological view of leadership as a process of interpersonal influence to the business view of leadership in terms of organizational functions like strategy, structure, and operations. More

  • Using the Hogan Tools to Develop Leaders

    This conference session focused on how Robert Hogan’s comprehensive theory of personality and state-of-the-art assessment instruments can be used to develop leaders. The session included Hogan explaining his theory, and both research and practice models showing how to apply it. More

  • The Rest You Need to Know about Strengths-based Development

    Rob Kaiser was invited to address the St. Louis OD Network at their annual conference in February 2012. He discussed the wildly popular “Strengths-based” approach to development, explaining the faddish nature of the movement. He also offered a more balanced prescription for building strong leaders. More

  • Kaiser & Hogan win Article of the Year

    Rob Kaiser and Robert Hogan’s paper, “How to (and How not to) Assess the Integrity of Managers,” won the Elliott Jaques Memorial Publication Award for article of the year in Consulting Psychology Journal. More

  • From Chimpanzees to Communists to Capitalists

    In his annual address to the Warsaw University of Technology Business School, Rob Kaiser took Polish business leaders on a 2 million year romp through human evolutionary history, the days of Communism, and the exciting modern times of entrepreneurialism now that Poland has embraced a free market. More

  • Personality, Leadership, and Overdoing It

    Rob Kaiser and Joyce Hogan published research showing strong and consistent links between the Hogan Personality Inventory and coworker ratings on the Leadership Versatility Index. The study also demonstrates that extreme personalities help explain how “strengths become weaknesses.” More


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