U.S. Patent No. 7,121,830

The next-generation tool for the assessment and development of leaders.

The LVI uses the 360 method of comparing feedback from the “full circle”—superiors, peers, subordinates, and self-perceptions. But that’s where the similarity ends. The LVI is not just another 360; it is a patented solution for improving results through leadership.

Innovative features include:

  • A breakthrough rating scale that identifies when “strengths become weaknesses” through overuse.
  • A compact behavioral model that represents the tensions and tradeoffs that make leadership a balancing act.
  • A central, integrative concept of versatility defined as the mastery of opposing forces needed to deal with paradox and fast-paced change.
  • A blend of quantitative ratings and in-depth qualitative written feedback that provides a clear and compelling message.
  • An underlying model of learning and development that combines the outer work of behavior change with the inner work of mindset change.
  • A program of published research demonstrating reliability and validity at predicting employee engagement, team performance, and effectiveness.

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As featured in:

"Our leaders benefit greatly from the LVI—the feedback is clear, immediately actionable, and highly relevant to critical business issues." Dr. Pam Mayer
Director Executive Development


  • "Beyond state-of-the art. The LVI is built on an elegant simplicity that can take you into complex places." Gene Boccialetti, Ph.D.,
    Development Director, Genentech
  • "Without exception, the LVI represents a quantum leap improvement over the other leadership feedback instruments I've used in the past." Larry W. Norton, Ph.D.,
    VP Organizational Development, PetSmart
  • "Our leaders benefit greatly from the LVI—the feedback is clear, immediately actionable, and highly relevant to critical business issues." Dr. Pam Mayer,
    Director, Executive Development,
    Avery Dennison
  • "The LVI helped me see what I emphasized too much as well as what I neglected in my leadership. The feedback was actionable and helped me become a more well-rounded leader. The feedback was so powerful that I had my staff go through it as well." Dr. Eric Becoats,
    Chief of Staff, Guilford County Schools
  • “I am certified in dozens of assessment instruments, and I find the LVI to be the most provocative and insightful assessment for senior audiences in particular. Its ability to pinpoint both overdoing something, as well as not doing enough, is unique to all the tools I use.” Dennis Baltzley, Ph.D.,
    Senior Vice President, Thunderbird Executive Education
  • “I'm certified with many 360 feedback tools and I must say that the LVI is the most progressive, informative and interactive tool that brings out the best of the person being rated.” Sharon Teo,
    Avery Dennison
  • “We use the LVI in tandem with our internal leadership competency model. The 'too little/too much' rating scale on the LVI picks up what the standard tools miss.” Harold White,
    Manager, Organization Development and Training,
    Arch Chemicals Inc.
  • “The LVI is by far the best leadership instrument I have ever used. The language is meaningful, people really get it.” John Moran,
    Program Director, Duke Corporate Education
  • "The LVI feedback report is brief, clearly and briskly written, attractively laid out, and intuitive. It packs quite a punch in a small package." Robert Hogan, Ph.D.,
    President, Hogan Assessment Systems
  • "The focus of the LVI is not merely to assess leadership, but to improve it." Florette Guildford,
    Director, Management & Executive Development,
    Alcan, Inc.
“I am certified in dozens of assessment instruments, and find the LVI to be the most provocative, unique, and insightful.” Dennis Baltzley, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President
Thunderbird Executive Education